Time, Habit, and Self-Imposed Guilt

Welp, I haven’t written anything here in a while… And I’m not exactly sure why. The ideas come rolling through my head from time to time, but for some reason, it’s been tough to actually sit down and type them out – so, why not make a post about not making posts? (Cue Inception sound effects)

It’s a time thing, I suppose, and we all like to think that we’re the busiest people in the world – myself included. I am, to a point, with multiple bands and the itch to get in as much practice as I can, a day job, a girlfriend, chores to do… But nobody runs at 100% efficiency.

We’ve all got downtime. We all have those days where we’re burned out, evenings we just want to relax, moments where we choose “unproductive” things over the goals and ideals we’ve architected in our minds…

Then – and maybe this is all just my personal experience – we beat ourselves up in hindsight for lost opportunities or wasted time. This is foolish (and a lesson I need to learn better myself).

For anything, be it drumming or writing or booking or promotion or whatever, it takes TIME and EFFORT to yield results. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty damn easy to neglect the things we know we should be doing (or event want to do) in favor of entertainment, rest, or because it simply didn’t occur to us to spend time in that particular way on any given day.

Time management is important, sure, but there’s something else at stake here: HABIT.

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Oh snap! After far too much procrastination, I’ve finally decided to start a blog dedicated to this weird, obsessive, vast hobby of mine…

Of ours.

The butt of jokes and keeper of the time, way too loud with way too much gear. I’ve been doing this thing for half my life, but I’ve never spent much time writing about it.

It’s been something like 16 years since i started playing, and I’ve learned a fair amount along the way… but only in the last year and half (or so) have I really started taking this instrument – and the whole universe that surrounds it – very seriously.

Sure I practiced in high school, played in the marching  and concert bands, I was in a band through college (and truly fell in to being a kit player), and have only been making more and more music over the better part of the last decade. I have been an active drummer all along…

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