Oh snap! After far too much procrastination, I’ve finally decided to start a blog dedicated to this weird, obsessive, vast hobby of mine…

Of ours.

The butt of jokes and keeper of the time, way too loud with way too much gear. I’ve been doing this thing for half my life, but I’ve never spent much time writing about it.

It’s been something like 16 years since i started playing, and I’ve learned a fair amount along the way… but only in the last year and half (or so) have I really started taking this instrument – and the whole universe that surrounds it – very seriously.

Sure I practiced in high school, played in the marching  and concert bands, I was in a band through college (and truly fell in to being a kit player), and have only been making more and more music over the better part of the last decade. I have been an active drummer all along…

Now, thirty years old, I’ve got a new enthusiasm, a new sense of wonder for everything I’ve learned so far, and the endless possibilities this instrument holds.

With that in mind, this is a way to share the insights I gain from practice and performance, offer some drum tips I pick up from various sources around the web and in person, and mostly just make a place where I can ramble on about this thing that I love.

Being a drummer is more than just moving your limbs around in rhythm. It’s a whole mentality, a whole school of thought for music – and within that “drummer’s brain,” there are limitless variations of what to play, when to play it, and the big one, why to play it in the first place.



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