What to Practice: The Paralysis of Too Many Options

The “to do” list is long, right?

Speed drills, independence, booking gigs, editing videos, adding photos to your website, fixing gear, replacing heads, learning songs…

And even beyond Drum Land:

Do the dishes, call your mother, pay the bills, fix that leak, follow up with a friend, fold the laundry, mow the lawn…

There’s a LOT to do. All the time.

Every minute of every day there’s something that could use your time and attention – whether it’s for drums, your home life, your job, your family, your career… whatever. If you parsed out every last thing you need (or want) to get done, you end up with a list a mile long – and worse, a crippling feeling that you’ll never be able to get through it all (a feeling I know all too well).

That very problem is a mental pitfall called “analysis paralysis” – and it’s exactly what the name suggests: with too many choices, you overthink the decision to the point of not choosing anything – and do nothing instead.

Or, even when you do choose something, it’s tough to get the other options out of your head – and so you don’t fully focus on the task at hand.

Am I working on the right thing? Is this a waste of time? What am I forgetting?

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