PASIC 2015 – Part 2: Drum Nerd Paradise

In a way, I’m still reeling from PASIC, dizzy from the wisdom imparted. Weeks in the rearview, some of the fine details have started to fade. In and out of the clinic halls, in presentation, and in passing comments caught walking by, talk of music…

Among all those nuggets of experience flying around every room, plenty of them stuck. Striking ideas have a way of creeping into your playing. So many of the ideas presented (officially or unofficially) are now lodged somewhere in my brain… And even still, I’m recalling little bits of info gleaned as an applicable scenario presents itself. I’m still working through it.

And because of my own neglect writing here as I should Рhere we are with Part II of my little recap almost two months later (check out Part 1 here). My guilt about the delay aside, this stuff is worth talking about Рbe it this month, next month, next year, after 20 more PASICs have gone by. Every lesson is worth remembering Рat least as much as possible.

…And that’s exactly where I want to start: lessons, information, and education.

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