Gear Review: Zildjian 20″ K Custom Dark Ride

My baby… The first “good” ride I ever bought, and the one that taught me all about what ride cymbals could be.

Somewhere between a dry ride and a big crash, the 20″ K Custom Dark Ride has crisp stick definition on top, and a big, washy sound if you get it moving from the edge.

It sounds ridiculous, but for the longest time, I barely played a ride cymbal…

My first kit, several owners deep, came with a Z Custom Heavy Power Ride – a behemoth of a pie that was more like a Spartan shield than a musical instrument. Don’t get me wrong, cymbals of that, uh, “persuasion” have their place, but for a young drummer, it had way too much bite. It sat dormant on the far right of my kit, more for looks than anything, I suppose.

It wasn’t until I got this wonderful K that I began to understand how many soundsĀ a ride cymbal could produce.

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