Transform Your Anger to Art

People seem unhappy. There are things happening in the forefront of public discourse that spark a lot of disagreement. Anger and fear, even just mild disgust, seem all the more common.

As usual, it’s that much more visible too (thanks internet), but it’s hard to ignore a pervasive sentiment of negativity.

I may be wandering into controversial territory…

FIRST AND FOREMOST: a big ol’ caveat for this post… I am not inviting political and ideological debate of the usual sort. Not in the comments here, or anywhere on social media. If you want to have a productive¬†discussion, we can (one on one) – but this has way less to do with politics and way more to do with¬†art.

…Or at least creativity.

I want to get straight to the point. This is about outlets – the good and the bad. Bad outlets include belittling people you don’t know, turning every remotely serious thing into a deflective joke, and wanton destruction.

Good outlets include calm discussions with people of different backgrounds, looking for ways to help others in your immediate area, and making… Stuff.

Music, poetry, painting – any and all of that stuff is emotive in some way, so when you’re feeling emotion, let it out. Or, when you go to do that creative thing you love, conjure the emotions you’ve been going through.

The palette is plenty broad here. Musically, expressing sadness and/or anger is a tried and true form of song building. It could lyrically or tonally get your point across with great accuracy. Drums themselves are incredibly physical instruments to play, and your touch and intensity can be an extension of thoughts and mood.

Even on the opposite side of the musical spectrum, funky tunes, party music, whimsical, feel-good melodies – they don’t ALL have to be sunshine and rainbows. This musical mood can also be conveyed with purpose – to bring connectivity and joy to an audience, to remind them that everything’s going to be alright.

The same is true for other art forms. The intent of the creator is really the first step – no matter how defined that intent is…

Ok, before I wander to far into tangent land:

If you’re feeling political, existential, or any other type internal crisis, one of the best things you can do for yourself is create. It’s a way to unload some of the mental stress, it gives you something to occupy your faculties for a time, and depending on what you make – it’s an opportunity to share your sentiments (and hopefully connect) with an audience of some kind.

Maybe you’ll stir the pot a little more, but so be it. If “the times” are particularly tumultuous, this is a chance to reflect on your creative outlet of choice, and really dig into what message – what part of yourself – you want to convey.



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